The Dining Car Introduces: The Tauben-Burger

WE DON’T DO candidate endorsements here at Clout.

But let it hereby be known that if you are running for elected office, manage to get a cheeseburger named after you, then send one of those cheeseburgers to our offices at 801 Market St. free of charge and with a crisp dill pickle . . . well, that buys you some real estate on this page.

Meet Al Taubenberger, Republican candidate for City Council at-large. Stop by the Dining Car in Northeast Philly and order their new “Tauben-Burger,” an $8.50 limited specialty sandwich to promote his candidacy and honor his German-American roots.

The Tauben-Burger is a beef patty nestled atop a German potato pancake with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, sauteed onions and spicy brown mustard on a kaiser roll. The burger was created by Dining Car owner Nancy Morozin and Lawrence “Chef Larry” Thum.

“I’m kind of honored to have a hamburger named after me,” said Taubenberger, a former mayoral and City Council candidate whose parents were born in Germany. “You can’t get any more German: The hamburger originated in Hamburg, Germany; then a potato pancake, which is very German as well, and with sauerkraut.”

Now, the kaiser roll originally was named in honor of Emperor (or Kaiser) Franz Joseph I of Austria – not Germany. But we’ll let that slide.

The Tauben-Burger arrived in the newsroom Wednesday in a Styrofoam box. We ate it and enjoyed it. But we removed the Swiss cheese because we’re not John Kerry and don’t believe in Swiss cheese.

Taubenberger campaign spokesman Frank Keel, like a modern-day Philly version of Don Draper, did his best to spin this into a legitimate news story. We put up little resistance between bites.

“Like Al, the Tauben-Burger is 100% pure, no fillers, and is deeply satisfying,” Keel wrote in an email, presumably just before pouring three fingers of Canadian Club over ice and gazing out at the Philadelphia skyline


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