Job Growth

As the former President of the Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, a leadership position I held for more than two decades until recently resigning to run full-time for City Council, I know a thing or two about job creation. Although Philadelphia is fortunate to be home to many large corporations, small businesses and emerging entrepreneurs continue to be the backbone of our local economy and the primary generators of jobs. In order to assist these small businesses with their continued growth, we must hold the line on taxes and work to reduce their tax burdens, especially the onerous Business Privilege Tax.


I favor a policy in which city government works with the financial institutions in which we invest taxpayer dollars to implement or expand affordable Small Business Loan Programs to help small businesses grow and prosper, thereby creating more job opportunities. I also favor a policy in which the City rewards those small businesses that hit certain hiring milestones with marketing assistance, public recognition, grant monies or some other form of incentive to continue to hire. I support greater collaboration between the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Northeast Chamber of Commerce with the City of Philadelphia’s Commerce Department. Such collaboration will inevitably generate ideas to help businesses – and the city – grow. If am elected to City Council, I will advocate for broader responsibilities for the Commerce Department to actively recruit regional, national and international firms to relocate the city and would consider significant, short-term tax breaks as incentives for those businesses to come here. I am tired of losing businesses to the suburbs or to our neighbors in New Jersey and Delaware. We must do a better job of keeping businesses here and recruiting new firms to the city to create jobs and stimulate our local economy.