The men and women who serve our nation in the armed forces are deserving of our respect and support. Many, many veterans live right here in our great City of Philadelphia.

Some folks may not know Philadelphia’s proud military history. Of course, it all famously began right here when General George Washington led the Colonial forces to victory over the British in the Revolutionary War.

As of the last Census, there have been 60,637 Philadelphia veterans who served in all wars to date. There are 12 War Memorials around the city that honor Philadelphia veterans of all wars.

The Philadelphia Navy Yard has legendary status in our nation’s military history. It was founded in 1776 and become an official U.S. Navy site in 1801. The Navy Yard experienced its production peak during World War II, when it employed 40,000 people who built 53 battleships and repaired an additional 574 ships.

Philadelphia also features a special place that has cared for our veterans since 1980. The Veterans Multi-Service Center on North 4th Street was originally founded to meet the needs of returning Viet Nam war vets who were experiencing difficulties gaining access to benefits from the Veterans Administration. Today, the Veterans Multi-Service Center provides many important services to vets, such as:

  • Employment and Job Training
  • Housing Assistance
  • Transitional Residences
  • Benefits and Entitlements.

We as Americans must always honor and provide for those who served our nation. It’s disgraceful that so many veterans are jobless and homeless in America. They need more assistance and all of us in government should make the care and protection of veterans a priority.